1. Nathan with his bikes, July 2012

    2 strobes, two reflectors, one super-dim work light that you can’t really see. More experimentation. I realize that the red is totally unmotivated, but when I saw the red gel I immediately went “THAT ONE!”… I thought I was on to something. Should’a used a blue/green one I think, but red is fast-looking. There, I motivated it. Does this make me motivational?

    Nathan called me last night asking if Thomas and I could hang out, but since Thomas was in LA we decided to just take photos instead. We used to bond over music and things with wheels, including track bikes. Now I’m fully focused on music and photography, and he’s working at a bike shop and starting a racing career in his father’s footsteps. We haven’t really been hanging out a lot lately, but being able to finally sit down, put a record on and take a bike portrait was pretty cathartic.

    I get a little jealous at times because he has a job with a schedule and I have a “hobby” that doesn’t pay regularly. More often than not, he’s too busy to hang out because he’s either working or training for crit. Luckily we still live in the same town and go to the same community college. We’ll both be stuck here for another year (to my knowledge), which means we have time to catch up where we grew apart.

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