1. From Vessel early last month.

    More shots from Beyond Wonderland tomorrow…


  2. Went out shooting with Skyler and Ammar last month. We found a secret spot that Skyler read about… It was amazing. We also realized that the cool thing in the park in Hayes Valley is actually from Burning Man. Sweet! Good luck to Skyler with his job with Stealth Records in LA.


  3. Can’t believe that I have to do this friggin sandwich shot again…

    Always read the directions *before* faking natural light at 3am in your bedroom. Damn.


  4. New Belgium Brewing's Tour de Fat

    San Francisco, CA.

    This day was pretty dang fun. They had so many awesome bike-related things to do for the sober people, and I fully appreciate that. There aren’t many brewing companies that have events that are friendly for everyone. Even saw some little kids there! Happy times.

    PS, notice that the guy in the middle of the last picture doesn’t have any feet for some reason. He definitely has feet in all the other photos…

    PPS, everything but the last shot is from the Sigma 35mm… Thing’s sharp as hell. Look at the bigger versions!


  5. Joachim Garraud at Audio Discotech

    San Francisco, CA


  6. Benny Benassi

    Beyond Wonderland; September 29th, 2013

    Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, September was crazy. It feels so nice to be posting again! :)


  7. Staying safe… Thanks Nate!


  8. Nights Out The Window #2… I have no idea what this series is for, but it’s there.

    Turn the volume waaay up if you want to hear, because I don’t have a mic or means of post-processing (other than Lightroom) quite yet.


  9. I keep having these epiphanies in the morning and forgetting them by the evening…


  10. Editing…


  11. Living in the city is difficult, but this bicycle makes it so much easier.


  12. Cedric Gervais at Ruby Skye in SF, December 2012.

    Literally just re-edited my entire portfolio today. Damn, my eyes are going to fall out.


  13. Nights out the Window #1; the morning between August 27th & 28th, 2013.

    Well, I finally did it. I moved to San Francisco!
    The entire first day was a panic, but eventually things began to feel better. It’s been three days now, and I finally feel home when I walk into my bedroom and open the window to let in the constant bustling sound of downtown. There’s always something weird going on outside at night, but by 10am the next day everything is usually back to “normal”… If you can call it that.

    Today I’m off to meet Pat Johnson, photographer for Bay Area Music Magazine. He was super nice, and super quick to respond to my email. I’m excited to see the studio.


  14. Nathan in B&W. San Franciscan updates as soon as I’m done freaking out about real life.


  15. Tried some black & white today… I never really even consider B&W as an option when I’m editing, but it was nice to get a look down today so I can use it quickly in the future. This is a tweaked version of VSCO's Agfa Scala 200 look from VSCO 04. Alex always talks about Scala, so it was definitely cool to see them include it in the pack.