1. 3 more days, and then we get to go home… It was so nice to have some personal space. This is a wonderful car; thank you mom.


  2. Nights out the Window #5:

    Of course it’s actually morning, but I dearly wanted to write to you in light of the recent distance. It seems that we’ve now reached a point where it will become necessary to leave reminders for updates.

    Training for the year of service is nearly over, and so many burdens previously latent in my character are beginning to melt away. Home is slowly fitting into a backpack as nights pass by, and each time we go out to meet new friends I learn to love more universally.

    On the other hand, some attachments are becoming very clear: I feel awful without writing music for days at a time, but I haven’t taken photos in ages and I’m okay with it. Exercise and nutrition are becoming increasingly important, and my desire to go outside is nearly bursting out of me.

    Writing everything down has become practically essential for the consolidation and application of these reflections and even as I write now, it stirs a yearning in me for a place that has been the subject of my searching for such a long time… A city brimming with music, and a gateway to untamed wilderness. At least California as a whole is a great fit thus far.


  3. New thang!

    I’m finally in LA; not sure where will be the best place to serve for the year, but we get closer to a decision with every new acquaintance. The future is bright!


  4. Merced has been a roller coaster, but it has lead to so many insights. As much as I don’t like the idea of being a caffeine drinker, sometimes it really helps me to remember those insights a little easier.
    There’s only a week left; I think it’ll be fine. I just want to remain happy in order to make others happy.


  5. Oh my god, I’m melting.


  6. It’s great to be back home for a bit. :)

    ATTN LA: I’m moving again! Likely going to touch down in Echo Park/Los Féliz.


  7. Hello new friends!

    Thank you to whoever found the picture of the jellyfish, it was so nice to come home to new friends!

    Something keeps coming up these days, and it sparks some great conversations: What is your favorite memory?


  8. Also, here’s some frans from a round of headshots for Ariya’s new company. Got bored, drank coffee, played with curves.


  9. Plants, rocks, stuff. Point Reyes.


  10. Bugs from Point Reyes! There were so many cool bugs dude!


  11. Feet from the Point Reyes backpacking trip. I really really like backpacking. Like a lot. I hope this becomes a regular thing.


  12. Sorry about flowers.


  13. A couple portraits from Bosch. I’m not sure why I haven’t posted in such a long time… Sorry guys??


  14. JQ at SJSU

    Congratulations, Jacqueline. I hope you choose to stick around.


  15. I love these two so much.

    Also somehow they’re both 100% in-focus at ƒ/2?