1. I perpetually make up stories about them in my head. Where is my place?


  2. Andrea.


  3. Also here’s this.


  4. Yosemite.


  5. Tunnel View after the snow.


  6. brianagardener at the waterfall.


  7. The Falls.


  8. Yosemite Verticals.


  9. Melissa at the tunnel.


  10. We went to Yosemite. Lots of photos in the queue.


  11. I need to go back.


  12. You know, sometimes, at the beginning of something difficult; when you think about how bad it will be? Isn’t it always much easier than you thought in hindsight, or at least less bad than you thought it would be by the end of it? What if you had both of those perspectives at all times…

    Maybe then we’d realize that we have a lot to do, and it will be very difficult; but that it is possible.

    PS, I have non-club photos for you soon. Spent all of yesterday shooting and thinking about giving up, but it wasn’t that bad afterward.


  13. Enso and Hook N Sling from work in February!

    Every time I leave for work, I’m sad because friends are always visiting for the weekend, everyone is home for dinner, and I feel like I’m missing out; but by the time the night is over, it has always been fun and it’s so wonderful to live through music in this way. Whether I get to drive home with Ariya and Phil after breakfast at Cafe Mason, or hang out with an artist, or just see the occasional sunrise when I finally walk back into the living room… It’s actually pretty amazing, and I’m always happy and grateful.


  14. NEW FRENS.


  15. Thomas on the Santa Cruz boardwalk over the weekend.